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Our custom software solutions and mobile Apps are designed to fuel innovation and increase business efficiency.
Get custom-made software solutions, tailored to your specific needs, with our expert consulting and engineering services.


We provides secure destruction services of your electronic and non-electronic data. Onsite and offsite options are available.

Our secure reuse, recycling and disposal services cover data centres, obsolete electronics, retired IT assets and more. Our solutions ensure 100% data destruction and are environmentally responsible. 


How we help

Get your business to the next level with our Singapore based expert team. We will help you improve efficiency, productivity, and gain a competitive advantage. Streamline your operations and develop solutions to your specific business problems.

Transform your business with custom software solutions and mobile apps. Our Singapore based expert team can help you increase efficiency, productivity, and build a competitive advantage. Get the custom solutions your business needs to succeed.

“… The professionalism of solar panels company is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for a great service!…”

Carlos John



How are we different?

Software Development

We serve business and tech leaders building custom software.

UI/UX Design

We design a mobile app that delights your users and helps your business to grow. We offer full mobile app design services, ensuring that you have an end product that’s easy on the eyes and also easy to use.

Mobile Apps

We offer outstanding mobile apps with complex integrations, rich features and beautiful usability.

eWaste Recycling

Help the environment and reduce your e-waste with our secure disposal and recycling services. We help companies to dispose old equipment and strive towards achieving a greener earth together. Let us help you do your part for the environment.