About Us

Beacon Visionary, professionals in customized financial solutions for those seeking help. We specialize in providing project funding for our clients, based on their individual needs and timeframes.

We are more than just an Business Consultancy company

Beacon Visionary is a modern and dynamic boutique finance company of Singapore. We represent the traditional finance practices of discretion, strength, reliability and performance. Our principles combined with modern financial dynamics makes us leaders in facilitating corporate finance and financial restructuring of companies and corporations in need of additional capital or to prepare for public or private sale in an international arena.

We offers you attractive business financing opportunities through its investor partnership program. Whether you are a private entrepreneur, whether you want to finance innovative projects in Europe, America, Asia or Africa or whether you work in one of our areas of economic activity, we want to offer you support and financing over a long period of time in order to help you develop or launch your projects.

We are at the cutting edge of our profession. Working with you, Beacon Visionary can secure economical, effective and viable solutions that meet your client’s expectations and demands. Our small team of Business Development Managers are always here to assist new professional intermediaries. Whether to simply discuss a potential case, provide solutions for a one-off transaction or to build a long-lasting professional relationship, we would be pleased to hear from you. If you are determined in your desire to keep existing relationships rewarding and eager to explore new opportunities, we look forward to working with you in expanding horizons together.

Consultancy in Green Energy

We help renewables companies deploy digital technologies to manage and optimize asset portfolios and implement leading practices across projects, operations and maintenance and energy management.