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Our Services

We consult, design & engineer successful custom software solutions  & Mobile Apps, that fuel innovation & increase business efficiency!

Customized Software Solutions

We believe that having the right application solutions is essential for businesses to reach their full potential. Our team will analyze your unique situation to provide even the most complex of applications, tailored just for you.

UX/UI Design services

We design a mobile app that delights your users and helps your business to grow. We offer full mobile app design services, ensuring that you have an end product that’s easy on the eyes and also easy to use.

Mobile Apps

We offer outstanding mobile apps with complex integrations, rich features and beautiful usability.


Consulting for Companies

Increase your business revenue with effective strategies used by the world’s top companies. Struggling to grow your business with recession?

Consulting for Green Solutions

Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and green energy.

Alternative solutions

Have been accepted for entire projects or parts of a building and have included composting toilets, handrails, barriers, fire escape plans, water supplies, effluent disposal, ecohouses and rammed-earth houses.

“… The professionalism of Neve solar panels company is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for a great service!…”

Albert James


Consultancy in Destruction/Disposal of IT Assets